If you are anything like me

You are primarily here to learn more about me, as a person, as a therapist. You are wondering what therapy will look and feel like. And I can tell you that – sort of. I can tell you that from my perspective. I can also tell you that from the perspective that each and every therapy session is individual, unique, and more about the relationship between therapist and client than anything else. Which means, in some ways, I can’t tell you until we start talking. Until I know your goals, until I know where you’d like to be. You are the expert in your own life, and in many ways, I’m just hear to reflect you back to yourself, to shine a little light on what you might not want to see, but need to open yourself up to, in order to move forward.

This is what I can tell you for sure: I love hearing your stories. I love growing alongside you. I really love celebrating your successes and being alongside you when things are hard. I love people, I believe people are worthy of love, and I truly cannot wait to get to know you*.

*I also have to acknowledge that this all sounds hokey and still it is somehow true.


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