NSF GRFP Materials

I know it is helpful when applying for these types of fellowships to see as many examples of successful applications as possible, so I’ve made my materials available here. I received the fellowship previous to starting graduate school in 2010.  As of the summer 2012, I’ve used one year of funds and deferred for one year (to complete my teaching requirement and reserve some funds for later in my graduate career).

I’m more than happy to discuss your application with you, and talk to you about what I think made mine successful, just send me an email!

I am providing this for informational purposes only, please do not reproduce, present, or copy any portion of them without my permission.  Thank you!


MRFitzgerald Research Proposal

Previous Research Experience:

MRFitzgerald Previous Research Experience

Personal Statement:

MRFitzgerald Personal Statement

Rating sheets:

NSF GRFP 2010 Rating Sheets

I’ve read so many application packets that seem to have far more merit than mine.  That is not to say that I didn’t work incredibly hard, I did, however some portion of the process certainly comes down to chance. So, don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive funding on the first try, just re-think and try again.

Here is a seminar I put together on the NSF GRFP at La Selva Biological Station July 2014


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