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  • If you are anything like me

    You are primarily here to learn more about me, as a person, as a therapist. You are wondering what therapy will look and feel like. And I can tell you that – sort of. I can tell you that from my perspective. I can also tell you that from the perspective that each and every…

  • A warning for undergraduates who want research experience

    A warning for Undergraduates who want research experience When you apply for an assistant job (or any job at all, really) it is super important to follow the application guidelines. I know its tempting to write a longer statement of interest, or give too many references, or turn in a resume longer than a page…

  • Part II: Truth about daddy longlegs

    A great post about Opiliones by a fellow Costa Rica researcher! Check it out: Part II: Truth about daddy longlegs.

  • Hello!

    Welcome to my webspace!  Click through to find details about my academic and professional background as well as research interests. I’ve included some (hopefully helpful and relevant) information about my experience as a GRFP.  Feel free to contact me for further information. Thanks! Meghan Fitzgerald Ives Lab Madison, WI